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* 1942

Willingen Waldeck, > Mülheim an der Ruhr
Apprenticeship Graphic Design, Fried. Krupp Essen. Diploma with scholarship for:


1961 - 1968

hochschule für gestaltung ulm / design academy ulm, > Visual Communication, >> Film at institut für filmgestaltung ulm(institute for film design ulm (co-founder), Diploma. First cinema movies, Festivals.


1968 - 1971

Student, Lecturer > University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada > Communication Design, first teaching posiitons, building the film department


1971 - 1972

Producer, Author, Director - USA NJ, NYNY > production of educational films USA


1972 - 1976

Professor for Photoelectric Arts > Ontario College of Art, Toronto Canada



Foundation of lothar spree film production, Frankfurt Main Germany.


1974 - 1988

Author, director, production for ZDF television > youth program


1987 - 2009

Production of documentary & fictional films, Image films, media programs



Adolf-Grimme-Award in silver


since 1991

Projects in cultural and artistic documentation: music, archaeology, architecture, opera, art, design…


1992 - 1998

Professor Mediart/Film, HfG Staatlichen Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe/National Academy of Design Karlsruhe & ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie / Center for Art & Media Technoloy


1992 - 1999

Experimental works in film and video > Film-, Video-, Digital-Technologies; new forms of film-documentation, projecs in Super16Film, Digital sound.



Foundation of EIKK - Europäisches Institut des Kinofilms Karlsruhe/European Institute of Cinema Karlsruhe with Edgar Reitz at HfG Karlsruhe > post-graduate institute for European Educational Productions, Research and Development Institute Cinema of the Future.


1995 - 98

Projekt CHAMP - The Çatal Hüyük Archaeology and Media Project / Cultural Heritage Archaeology and Media Project, EU-supported Research project INFO 2000 > with HfG Karlsruhe, ZKM, University of Cambridge, Uni Karlsruhe and publishing companies. CD-ROM, DVD and Database-Productions.


1996 - 2003

Director EIKK Karlsruhe, project works in ZKM.


1998 – 2000

Project collaboration with ZKM for Film, Internet and European Research Projects


2000 - 2002

Professor for Film at hfg_OF Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main/Design Academy Offenbach > restructuring film department.



Scuola Europea di Cinema Umbria di Montone, Umbria Italy > Co-founding, curriculum development, teaching Summer school, developing EU MEDIA Program projects.


2003 – 2008

College of Communication and Art, Tongji University Shanghai >

Prof. and Department Dean, Director of Research Institute & Setting up of Film/TV&MediaArt Department, Curriculum and Media Studios. (DAAD Long-term Professorship)


2008 -

Hon. Professor Film & Neue Medien Bauhaus Universität Weimar Germany


2009 –

D&I College of Design & Innovation, (founded May 26, 2009), in CAUP College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tongji University Shanghai. Professor for Digital Media Design (DAAD Johann Gottfried Herder Stiftung).





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